Energy Law

We are able to provide several services in the Energy area, such as, advise, negotiate, and draft Oil and Gas Purchase Agreements, assist our clients during the negotiation of Services Agreements in the Oil and Gas industry, advise financing and complex strategies to upgrade Oil and Gas facilities and negotiate and draft several preliminary agreement needed to put in place different negotiations, such as, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding and confidentiality agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Financial Compliance

The regulatory bodies of the financial industry, both local and international, are constantly evolving and changing the rules, setting new standards to ensure that financial transactions are not used for illegal activities.

In this environment, traditional individuals and corporations are caught in the crossfire, where a customary transaction can be challenged, and without the proper advisory, sometimes even ending up in a banking relationship ruined and a commercial transaction unfulfilled, with the consequent loss of money and reputational damage.

In Venfort we are experts in the Compliance requirements demanded by the Banks and the international standards issued by multinational bodies. We can provide our clients with the right advisory to ensure that financial transactions, either individual or corporate, comply with all the necessary requirements of the most stringent standards, ensuring a healthy banking relationship for our clients.

Bank Insolvency and Bankruptcy

When a Bank or Financial Institution refuses to honor the instructions from a client, it might be a sign of insolvency or merely an operational problem, but without the proper legal advice and mediation, the clients are left with the anguish of losing their savings or commercial transactions not being honored.

In Venfort we have expert lawyers in handling this kind of claims, ensuring proper mediation with the Bank and the Regulatory Agencies, to guarantee and exert that the client´s rights. If mediation is not enough, we also have the means, through local alliances, to enforce the claims in the Courts of Law.

Banking Law

The complexity of today`s financial products demands not only careful and professional financial advice, but also legal advice to better understand the nature of the offer from the issuer, and what to do when things do not result as promised.

Dealing with Banks has never been so complicated, high net worth individuals and multijurisdictional companies have to rely on legal advice to understand better their rights and liabilities of managing a banking relationship.

In Venfort, we accumulate years of banking experience that has prepared us to deal and render legal advice for this type of individuals and corporations. We are no strangers to the financial world, we have successfully worked along with Banks, Regulators and individuals, rendering legal opinions and representing them.

Economic Criminal Law

Specialized legal advice services and representation in all criminal and white-collar proceedings as well as the different regulatory bodies, which have been gaining increasing importance. Preventive behavioral counselling (compliance) for the activities of companies and institutions. Counseling in all matters related to Compliance of companies and institutions.