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What is the ASTM compliance program and how does it apply to different industries?

Regulatory compliance programs are those that allow companies to adapt their daily activities to the legal frameworks in which they operate. For many companies, these programs allow them to gain the necessary confidence in their products or services to be positioned in international markets. In this article we will talk about the ASTM compliance program, and how it is applied in different industries.

What is ASTM and what is its function?

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an organization founded in the United States in 1898 by chemists and engineers of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Thanks to the dedication of its participants, they were able to consolidate the foundations of standards for railroad development at that time.

This is one of the largest and most popular international standards development organizations in the world, having brought together thousands of specialists to create product certifications that support internationally accepted quality. One of the organization's functions is to publish voluntary agreements applicable to the quality of products, systems and services.

How do ASTM standards influence different markets around the world?

ASTM certifications are used and accepted in 150 countries around the world, and work on metals, paints, plastics, textiles, construction, petroleum, energy, medical services, among others.

These arise with the purpose of increasing the quality and efficiency of products, in order to guarantee consumer satisfaction. In many cases, these certifications promote technical innovation in industries, due to the different perspectives provided by specialists from different countries. This influences the acceptance of certain products more quickly, since they have certifications that save time when a new product enters the market.

How to apply ASTM standards in my business?

To apply an ASTM compliance program in your business, it is necessary to have a legal team that can advise on its implementation. This means that the company must be subject to review and comparison with the certification or endorsement for which you want to apply.

Processes can be applied and corrected thanks to all the public information from ASTM, before paying for the certification and validation that they offer. Therefore, the advice of an expert lawyer can help entrepreneurs to position their products, systems and services in other international markets.

In that sense, Alan Aldana & Abogados can advise companies in the implementation of these compliance programs. There are different types of certifications such as evacuation procedures in factories, consumer guarantees, operations with low environmental impact, product warranties, among others.


The ASTM compliance program is a necessary certification in countries such as the USA and Canada in order to position a service, system or product in their markets. It can be implemented through a lawyer or legal team expert in the subject, to achieve the certification in a more effective way.

These certifications guarantee consumers a high quality in the production processes of the products, which is very useful to enter competitive and international markets. In the oil industry, these certifications are necessary to verify the quality of the derivatives, and to ensure that the production process meets the quality standards necessary to compete in the market.

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