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Importance of public speaking in legal proceedings and the legal profession.

As well as the legal communication is important, the good use of public speaking plays a crucial role in arguing or defending a successful interpretation of laws. Its use involves the execution of strategies to convey accurate messages to guide thinking towards a particular perspective. So to understand how communication is the only mechanism for the resolution of cases, in this article we will talk a little about the importance of public speaking in judicial processes and lawyering.

What is legal public speaking?

Legal oratory is the set of techniques of diction and body language applied to communication within the procedures associated with the legal profession. Its objective is to express in a clear, direct and natural way the arguments and information necessary in a legal process. The idea is that listeners can understand the interpretation of laws quickly and effectively without misunderstandings. In addition, many professionals use these tools as persuasive elements to support their arguments before a judge.

Importance of public speaking in court proceedings

When a legal professional learns about public speaking, he or she expands his or her communicative capacity in front of a judge, institution or any type of listener. With these techniques you can have control of the message to capture the attention of the audience and transmit it to achieve a certain impact. Therefore, public speaking is important since the proper use of legal language is key to maintain the trust of clients. At the same time, body language and good diction promote understanding and increase the chances of success with respect to the objectives set.

Keys to mastering public speaking in the legal profession

It is important to master public speaking in legal proceedings and lawyering to make good use of language, emotions, body and logical thinking. This helps lawyers to develop and improve verbal and body expression to simplify the messages they want to convey. That is why we are going to share with you some keys to master public speaking in the legal profession.

1- Knowledge and preparation on the subject

As for the mastery of public speaking, it is necessary to have previous training in the matter to be debated. This is necessary since the permanent study of law in its different branches will accredit the necessary knowledge to interpret jurisprudence and sentences. Therefore, it is important to remember that the good use of words will not be able to diminish the lack of content or information that the speaker may have. In that sense, the intellectual preparation of the lawyer is crucial for the listeners to be able to understand the interpretations and the legal framework where they are.

2- Prepare your speech to argue clearly and logically the facts.

After obtaining general knowledge about the legal issue and its background, the argumentation of each point to be defended must be prepared. This is possible after analysis and reflection of the case and each legal reason that is present. In order to do so successfully, this technique is previously used when building the case and serves to prove and disprove the positions stated therein.

Lawyers' argumentation is developed with the purpose of guiding thought towards logical reasons within the cases they are called upon to analyze. Therefore, its purpose is to persuade listeners through thought and language towards a certain position.

3- Improve your body language

It is common to find in legal practices looks that seem intimidating, aggressive gestures and other types of bodily expressions that seek to alter our perceptions. For this it is important to understand that body language is capable of altering thoughts, since when the gestural code is observed it becomes almost as important as the message. Therefore, to avoid inconveniences, it is recommended to control emotions and not to make sudden movements with the body when speaking in public. Also, understanding body language as a support for the message allows us to be less tense and to have control of our arms and hands when speaking.

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