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Could the sale of TikTok generate profits for the United States?

The conflict between President Trump and TikTok began in early August 2020. The sale of the Chinese social network is a condition demanded by the President.

The United States is in a position to seek part of the proceeds from the sale of the Chinese social network, TikTok. The request was made by the president of that country, Donald Trump, and for some lawyers it represents a legal challenge because it is based on an interpretation of the law. 

The sale of TikTok, owned by the Chinese internet company ByteDanceThe social network has been suspended in the United States for being considered a tool for espionage in U.S. territory. The accusations began after the boycott made by K-Pop fans and users of the platform during Trump's first campaign rally during the pandemic. Through a viral call on TikTok, users registered for the event and reserved their seats but did not attend. When Trump arrived at the event venue, the space was virtually empty despite the fact that all seats were reserved.

The situation cast suspicion on the Chinese government, and shortly thereafter, Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeoannounced that they would ban the use of the platform in the United States for security reasons, arguing that the network does not protect the data of its users, which makes it an easy medium for espionage as it also allows data to be shared with the Chinese government. The allegations point out that the Chinese Communist Party can access Americans' personal information, making it possible to track locations, create files of personal information for blackmail, among other crimes.

Trump stated that the sale of TikTok would generate resources for the U.S.

The Asian company denied using its technology platform for espionage. However, days later Trump issued a decree stating that the social network will be able to continue operating in the United States, as long as the parent company is sold within 45 days, which ends on September 15.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is a government body that reviews business agreements with the United States. and detects any violation or risk to national security. The laws of this panel give the government the authority to mitigate such risks, caused by companies that violate the security of the State.

Microsoft was interested in buying the Chinese company, valued at more than $50 billion. In statements, Trump has assured that part of the amount should go to the U.S. Treasury, due to the country's intervention in facilitating the agreement. If the purchase is completed, the computer company would be in charge of guarding the data of U.S. users to stop espionage. Both companies are currently in negotiations with the intention of reaching the best possible agreement.

Although it is not an explicit action in the laws and in the decree issued by the first president of the United States, it is not an explicit action in the laws and in the decree issued by the first president of the United States.It is not entirely clear that Trump's authority over the resources he is demanding on behalf of his country is misplaced. It is presumed that the reason for this request is born by imposing a tariff on the Chinese company ByteDance, it is deprived of resources that would support the government of China in technological initiatives that affect the interests of the United States.

For several years now, the United States and China have been engaged in a trade conflict which has involved arrests, blockades, tax increases, among other actions. In June 2019 the Asian technology company, Huawei faced 24 legal charges for using technology platforms as a mechanism for espionage in the United States.

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