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Venezuelan Judicial Power took measures against quarantine

In a resolution, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) suspended the dispatching of courts in Venezuela during the quarantine period established by the national governmentThe new law, which has just been extended for thirty more days by the national executive, will be in effect from Monday, March 16 to Monday, April 13, 2020.

The letter clarifies that during this period the cases will be held in abeyance. and the procedural lapses will not run. However, there will be room for urgent actions to ensure the functioning of justice in the country. To this end, the agencies attached to the Judiciary took the necessary measures to maintain public service channels for the administration of justice, such as the hearings for the presentation of detainees for flagrant crimes, admission of amparos and the release of persons with sentences served within this period, carried out by the courts of criminal jurisdiction.

What the judiciary resolution seeks

The measure was taken in order to avoid endangering public health and the safety of citizens.due to the Covid - 19 pandemic. The exception also seeks to ensure the presence of on-call personnel in the jurisdictions that require it to attend urgent cases according to the Law, taking into account that the functioning of the administration of justice is guaranteed by the Venezuelan State 365 days a year. 

Due to the magnitude of the circumstance experienced throughout the worldIn the past few years, many of the companies and institutions have had to continue to work remotely to attend to the adaptation of its entire structure to the new reality posed by the sanitary emergency. A guild that has had to take on new tasks to evaluate scenarios and make decisions is that of lawyers, since what has happened requires a great change, and an immediate one, in the heart of most of the companies in the world.

In the TSJ's resolution, all days are considered as qualifying days. of the lapse of time indicated in constitutional protection matters. In this sense, the judges are obliged to process and sentence the proceedings. Likewise, the Constitutional and Electoral Chambers and the Courts with competence in criminal matters will remain on duty.

The Magistrates of the Plenary Chamber of the TSJ shall maintain a quorum for the deliberation of any urgent case.The Judicial Commission and the Inspector General's Office of the Courts will promptly attend to all matters arising from the emergency and will adopt a system of guards to guarantee the fulfillment of the corresponding functions. 

Out of notice

The pandemic situation generated by the Covid-19 disease took all the countries of the planet by surprise.. Prior to this, the World Health Organization (WHO) had used the term pandemic in 2009 for Influenza A (H1N1), also known as "swine flu", when this influenza appeared, the world had gone four decades without warning of the presence of a large-scale disease.

The 1918 influenza was one of the last times mankind experienced a severe pandemic. with devastating consequences. Since then, the chances of going through a new situation of this nature had been significantly reduced and the economic and social systems of the countries had not foreseen a scenario of this type. Globalization and the advance of technology, especially in the field of telecommunications, have made the pandemic of 2020 different from those previously experienced, since from today's space there are trades and professions that can continue to be carried out remotely, in the safety of the home. 

The law sector has been experiencing a particular situation at this time, The law firms have not been unaware of the pandemic situation, but at the same time they have considerably increased the amount of work due to the great legal implications that are being generated in these circumstances and that cover the labor, tax, social, etc. spheres.

In ALAN ALDANA & ABOGADOS, we have implemented our protocol in the face of this crisis, bearing in mind in the first place all the corresponding health provisions, humanizing the profession, providing the corresponding support to all our environment, additionally we have strengthened the TELEWORK whose digital impulse has allowed our clients to be in constant contact, which has also allowed an evolution in the cohesion of our members; likewise, we have assumed in person urgent cases through the guards made by the main partners in our facilities.