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What are the most common investment opportunities in Venezuela?

The Venezuelan economy is a complex system that, although not predictable, can be very fruitful if the necessary foresight is taken. Currently, the country is more open to imports and private services such as satellite internet, among others. These are allowing the flow of the economy together with the public services provided by the State. Therefore, investment opportunities are becoming more and more evident, due to the demand for services and products that the Venezuelan market has. In this article we will delve into what investment opportunities there are in the country, and how they can be taken advantage of by foreign entrepreneurs.

Current context: advantages and disadvantages of investing in Venezuela

Investing in Venezuela is a topic that generates many doubts, because unlike other countries with stable financial ecosystems, the Caribbean country seems to be an unhealthy environment for business. The truth is that despite the hyperinflationary environment, investments in the country are increasingly evident, especially in the capital region. Where the imported productsIn addition, private gas and internet installation services, among others, are becoming more and more popular among the region's residents. However, there are many risks inherent to economic operations within Venezuela, because there are variables such as overpricing, extortion, hyperinflation, among others.

Although these variables are unpredictable, many businessmen have taken the responsibility of investing in the country to keep their capital in circulation. Such is the case of companies engaged in national and international transportation, or the networks of private pharmacies operating in the country. These business models have been able to internationalize some of their services, as is the case of Farmatodo, which has a network of branches in Colombia. In this way, the company has been able to maintain a "stable" flow of profits in order to continue investing in national branches and maintain its infrastructure.

What are the most common investment opportunities in the country?

The most frequent investment opportunities in Venezuela are always aimed at satisfying basic services. Although there are specific exceptions, such as the confectionery and bakery products industry, which since the beginning of the crisis has had a significant boom in the informal and formal economy of the territory.

Some of the opportunities for large and medium-sized companies are:

-Transportation: import and export.

-Construction of condominiums, buildings and residences.

-Manufacture of petroleum products.

-Telecommunications services

-Food manufacturing and distribution.

On the other hand, smaller companies have opportunities as a result of the crisis and the economic collapse. Therefore, it is said that in Venezuela there are asymmetric opportunities that, if channeled in the medium and long term, can be profitable over time. In that sense, the investment opportunities for small companies are:

-Provision of tourist services.

-Service and maintenance of electronic equipment.

-Department stores or virtual stores.

-Provision of digital marketing services.

-Services associated with health and beauty.

How to take advantage of investment opportunities in Venezuela?

To take advantage of investment opportunities in Venezuela, it is necessary to understand very well the economic and legal context of the industry where you want to operate. Complying with all legal and tax regulations will reduce the company's risk. Thus, regulatory compliance appears as the best tool to supervise all the operations of the business model. In addition, it allows evaluating the impact of internal regulations on the development of each operation.

On the other hand, one of the best ways to take advantage of investment opportunities is to anticipate risks and establish mechanisms for action. An example is, if some kind of anomaly occurs in the business processes that somehow affect revenues, partners or managers can mitigate that by having a risk fund that they can use at any time. Thus, internal regulatory mechanisms can function as alternatives to conventional procedures, beyond regulating procedures.

What should I do to invest my capital in Venezuela?

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