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Why should I go to a lawyer if I want to start a business?

Many entrepreneurs tend to fail in their first business because they do not know the legal complications they may have. That is why if you want to start legalizing your venture or business idea it is necessary that you have a lawyer advisor. Either to make provisions regarding different aspects of your industry, or to establish manuals for daily procedures. In that sense, today we will explain the reasons why you should have a lawyer if you want to start a business.

A lawyer will help you set up the corporate structure

Before registering a company it is necessary to understand which structure best suits your business model. This means that the business structure serves to determine the ownership of the business, to establish the activities that are developed there. In this way the business units would be better established, because the structure also addresses the organizational field.

In that sense, an attorney advisor is essential to have references from other organizations in the industry. But it is also necessary to understand how the business structure adjusts and aligns to national and international laws. So a lawyer can give you personalized information about the reality of the industry and your business.

Legal advice on business plans

Although the business plan is not drafted by a lawyer, once the business plan is drafted, the lawyer can review it and regulate it within the framework of specific laws. This is very important, since the different aspects of the business, such as marketing, distribution models, product description, among others, are aligned to national and international regulations. If they are not contemplated, they can lead to penalties that can affect the development of your business.

Family arrangements, inheritance and business protections

Another thing a lawyer can help you with is to explain the repercussions of the business in the event of divorce or death. This can be useful in establishing inheritance procedures in the event of a claim, or in drafting premarital agreements for the protection of the estate.

The purpose of having a lawyer in these cases is to better understand how the law is applied in these cases. At the same time, the assets can be divided so that family members only have to execute the will in the event of a loss.

Legal support for the company's registration

Having a lawyer when registering the company will help you avoid certain problems such as the drafting of documents, cancellation of fees, among others. In addition, he/she will be able to help you better understand each part of the procedure, while advising you to protect your ideas and business.

Drafting of contracts with legal drafting

Legal drafting is indispensable in these procedures. A properly drafted contract allows the legal bond between one party and the other to be agreed in harmony. Unlike promises in words, a legal contract will ensure confidentiality and commitment at all times. You will also be able to establish procedures and rules in case of disputes so that the integrity of your company is not affected.

On the other hand, legal advice may be a cost that is not contemplated for any entrepreneur. But the benefits outweigh this economic outlay, because each company is different and the legal review must contemplate that each legal requirement is adjusted to the legislation corresponding to its industry and country. In this sense, the expertise of a lawyer is essential to materialize a business model that is responsible with the laws of the country where it is developed. Therefore, the legal practice is not only in the practice of daily operations, but also in its conception and creation.

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