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Why is it important to hire a lawyer in a technology company?

Nowadays, lawyers are a fundamental piece in the daily operations of any company. Because they are in charge of verifying that each business unit is operating within the laws where it is located. Therefore, integrating a lawyer to the team of any company brings endless benefits when mediating with workers, suppliers and other types of people. In this sense, we will explain why it is important to hire a lawyer in a technology company.

The lawyer will advise you on international business protocols.

When a lawyer or legal department joins an organization, they must inspect every activity carried out by the organization. Therefore, it is beneficial that in the marketing processes, the company can have a legal control over its activities to mitigate unnecessary risks. In that sense, the lawyer will make sure that no activity is outside the current legal framework and that they can be managed through international business protocols.

The lawyer in a technology company is in charge of proposing and establishing the negotiation guidelines, according to the needs of the company. We must remember that the global technology market has many nuances according to the culture and language between people of different nationalities. Therefore, adjusting to this type of Chinese, European or other business protocols will allow companies to have successful negotiations in any environment in which they operate.

Projects professionalism and formality at a business meeting.

Hiring a lawyer in a technology company is a benefit that goes far beyond the legal organization. Sometimes, especially when looking for partners or investors, the presence and the way in which projects are presented is everything.

In the case of technology businesses where appearance is not the most important thing, the presence and presentation of the work team is more important. Therefore, when a company presents itself with its lawyer at a meeting, the formality and professionalism becomes evident. At the same time, their presence communicates the legal and business domain of the project. In that sense, investors may have specific readings such as the legal and tax order in the project, as well as the assurance that they are up to date with patents and trademark registrations.

Your company can modify agreements, procedures and deal with legal emergencies.

One of the main benefits of hiring a lawyer in a technology company is that they will be able to monitor all processes in real time. This means that your company will be able to modify agreements, procedures, attend legal emergencies, and other emergencies that may arise in the company's daily operations.

Expert monitoring will save the company unnecessary delays in its operational and commercial activities. So hiring a lawyer or a legal department allows you to mitigate legal risks to the organization in real time.

A lawyer in a technology company will help you mitigate your company's legal risks.

By applying corporate compliance you can make your technology company prevent operational and commercial risks, as well as any other legal damage that may arise. That is why the presence of a lawyer is essential for the application of crime and malpractice prevention programs according to the industry and legal context where the company is located.

For Alan Aldana & Abogados is a joy to have the experience in the implementation of regulatory compliance programs. That go according to the schemes of different international protocols in various industries that carry out their activities in Venezuela and the rest of the world. Therefore, we recommend that each company that is operating in the country, adhere to compliance programs executed by lawyers with experience in the area. Because this risk mitigation will allow us to have a healthy financial environment as opposed to corruption and bad practices in the country.


To conclude, it is evident that the integration of a lawyer to a technology company is very valuable. First, because one of the main benefits is the security they bring to business operations with clients. At the same time, lawyers adjust our meetings and negotiations according to international business protocols.

On the other hand, lawyers help to protect the rights of companies, through the implementation of regulatory compliance programs. And finally, hiring a lawyer allows the projection of seriousness, commitment and preparation of a company before a group of future investors or clients. Because the presence of a legal specialist communicates seriousness and mastery of the subject in legal and operational aspects.

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