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Christmas is a good time to reflect on Human Rights

Justice knows no rest. It is present 365 days a year and this quality supports the mission of making this world a more just place. Christmas is, in many cases, a time for deep reflection and for rethinking goals for the coming year.

Human Rights is one of those issues that always has a place in the conscience. and the thought of humanity, since its fulfillment has represented a constant struggle throughout history, with the intention of awakening the human being to his true possibilities, in line with the fundamental guarantees.

Christmas and Human Rights: time for reflection

Human rights are inherent to all human beings. Without distinction of nationality, place of residence, sex, race, skin color, religion, language or any other socio-economic condition. Therefore, they are interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

Through treaties and international law, Fundamental guarantees have been included in one way or another in the world's legal system. Achievements in this area have placed obligations on governments and states to address a variety of situations. In order to promote and protect the integrity of human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals and groups.

The universality of human rights is one of their most important qualities, because it assumes that they are applied without distinction in any part of the world, taking into account all representatives of humanity. All States have ratified at least some legal document ratifying these rights, committing to comply with the legal obligations imposed by these mechanisms.

In addition, these fundamental freedoms have the particularity of being interrelated and interdependent. For this reason, the advancement of one facilitates the passage of the other. And in the same way, the deprivation of one has a negative impact on the others.

The system of fundamental rights

In the world there is no another legal system The role of the judiciary is broader and more important than the one that supports the fulfillment of the fundamental guarantees for humanity. Its functioning undoubtedly guarantees the creation of a space respectful of integrity, freedoms and human dignity.

The manifestation of this space has cost important legal and activist battles. As in any process, mistakes have been made, actions have had to be amended and even regulations have had to be adjusted in order to enhance the power of this weapon for the preservation of rights.

The celebration of this Christmas season invites us to reflect on the subject. The reviews of the action, scope and results in this area. They are the basis for the decisions to be taken in the coming years, aiming at strengthening the legal mechanisms that guarantee the protection and promotion of the inalienable fundamental guarantees of every human being.

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