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To be #ConLosRefugiados is to bet on peace.

Having to leave one's country and everything one knows because one feels threatened is a limiting situation that causes strong imbalances to individuals and even entire family groups. The conditions under which a decision of this nature is taken are often extremely critical and threaten life and personal integrity.

In 1951 the United Nations (UN) determined that the refugee status of a refugee was occurs when a person, due to a justified fear of being persecuted because of his race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable, because of this threat, to return to the aforementioned place.

Refugee status has been adopted by many human beings throughout history.. In view of how common this can be and the need to protect these people wherever they are, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was created in 1951. At that time, one of the tasks to be solved by the institution was to provide protection and care to all those individuals who wished to return to their country of origin. at the end of World War II. Since then, UNHCR has been dedicated to offering protection and assistance to tens of millions of refugees around the world, providing sustainable solutions to their situation of vulnerability in many aspects of daily life such as the right to nationality, housing, access to health and education, among others.

UNHCR Campaign with refugees
Source: UNHCR

The category of refugee differs from that of economic migrant. The latter decide to move in search of better economic and social prospects for themselves and their families, while refugees are forced to move to save their lives and preserve their freedom. A distinguishing feature of refugees is that they do not receive any protection from their States and are often persecuted by the authorities in their own countries.

According to UNHCR statistics, 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced around the world. 25.4 million of these people have become refugees and 3.1 million are seeking asylum. Figures reveal that 57% of the refugees come from three countries: South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. An estimated 85% of those in refugee status move to developing nations.

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Source: UNHCR

#ConRefugees Campaign

Supporting the safety and security of all human beings in the world is a transcendental task that should occupy everyone. Leaving everything behind and fleeing one's country of origin is a situation that leaves its mark on those who experience it. UNHCR is working to make this transition lighter and to reduce the number of people who have to go through these difficult experiences.

As part of this tireless work, it was decided to collect signatures to send a clear message to governments and world leaders, inviting them to take responsible action on this issue. #CwithRefugees is the name of this campaign, which specifically calls for ensuring that all refugee children have access to education, that their families can live in a safe place and environment, and that every refugee has access to decent work and training to acquire new skills and knowledge.

From the Aldana Foundation we make the call for all to responsibly sign this valuable document and support the adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees, an agreement that will be discussed by world leaders to agree on a fairer way of handling the global refugee crisis.