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How to prepare for a negotiation and close deals?

A negotiation is an alternative process for the resolution of conflicts, through which the parties involved try to reach an agreement in order to satisfy their needs. At Alan Aldana & Abogados we want our clients to be prepared and correctly oriented towards a successful negotiation. That is why today we bring you some tools applied by lawyers in a negotiation legal aspects of financial agreements.

Negotiation behavior

First of all, a cordial and natural attitude will speak very well of you, and by expressing yourself clearly you will appear polite and reasonable to everyone. The idea of this is that with the help of your body language and good diction you can achieve the necessary success in any financial deal. Beforehand we recommend that if at any time you do not understand your counterpart you should not respond until you clearly understand the idea. Therefore, communication based on respect and the benefits of both parties can be key to a successful negotiation.

When explaining your point of view, you should speak in a clear voice and use terms and sentences that are understandable to everyone. It is advisable to keep your hands away from your face, control your emotions and remain calm in the face of comments.

Tools for the moment of negotiation

Assertive expression

Refers to the direct expression of our feelings, thoughts, and needs without disrespecting the rights of others. It can be used as a style of behavior and response to the negotiation of a financial agreement. It also uses tools such as expressing no without hesitation, explaining the reasons for the rejection, and giving an alternative. This allows a relationship based on trust without there being an imbalance in the communication of the parties.

Paraphrasing of mission, vision and objective

This concept refers to the coherent summary of the ideas and contents proposed by you or others. It is essential to propose a work plan or to establish the guidelines of the financial agreement, since it functions as the objective or purpose of the agreement.

Issue objective criteria

They are independent opinions that seek to intervene before an idea or speech, they are characterized by being practical and legitimate. You can issue these criteria after a presentation or exposition of an idea, and the best way to do so is by expressing experience and mastery of the subject. One of the most natural ways to do this is through sentences such as "If we look at it from this other perspective", "However we also have this other approach...".

Providing mutually beneficial options

This is a negotiation tool that promotes agreements based on benefits, instead of the traditional way, based on positions. This method is based on providing solutions based on the concrete interests and needs of the business, as long as its design is simple and practical. By assessing all options as business strategies, a favorable agreement can be reached for the parties involved.

Collaborative problem solving

It is important that in the midst of a negotiation process, agreements are made to regulate the resolution of problems. In other words, there must be a commitment that all parties must be involved in resolving a conflict. It can also be applied by means of a manual or regulation for this type of situations.

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