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Legal professional: Show your full potential in your Linkedin profile.

Nowadays it is not enough to be a good professional, to be educated in the best universities, to obtain a postgraduate degree or to be fluent in a second language. Undoubtedly, these attributes demonstrate your skills and competencies to assume any position in the area. However, being a professional at the present time also requires the management of the digital world and the available tools. to be in the labor market.

And sometimes these capabilities are not sufficiently clear to us. Either because we have not taken the time to investigate thoroughly, or because the constant change of the digital world has made the task difficult. Here are some recommendations to enhance the use of Linkedin as a professional platform and make it possible for you to promote your services efficiently.

Linkedin's structure allows you to place the necessary information in the correct way.with the intention of attracting the attention of future bosses and colleagues. It is not about lying or showing dishonest information, but it is about taking advantage of the platform to generate quality and attractive content about your skills and professional experience.

What strengths do you highlight on the platform with your Linkedin profile?

A good presentation

In 2,000 characters Linkedin gives you the possibility to express in words your academic and work experience. For this reason, it is a great opportunity to generate valuable and useful content for those interested in learning about your skills and career. It is advisable to create a text where you highlight exclusively your achievements, conceptualized in terms of education, positions held, recognitions awarded, among others. After creating this content, it is advisable to write a list - summary of the professional skills acquired. This structure would help to dissolve the so-called "text blocks" that bore the reader and dissipate important information.

Remember that the effort to publish a good text is felt by readers, even by those who could hire you, and that is an attribute to be taken into account by recruiters.

Add new resources

Let the work speak for you. If possible, add some samples of your best work to your profile. It can be a presentation at a conference, an article, a social media interview referring to a successful work experience. If you do not yet have your own work to publish, you can use content generated by other authors in the field as long as you respect the authorship.

Includes all types of training

Apart from showing the formal studies that have made you a specialist in the area of law. It is valid that in the Linkedin platform you include information about workshops, courses, diplomas and all kinds of training activities that have supported your professional training, even if they are not precisely related to law. This content, in addition to demonstrating new skills, shows that you are a professional motivated to learn.

Recommendations are not superfluous

In the Linkedin space there is also room for recommendations from previous bosses. Or those who have guided part of the professional academic training. It is not necessary to have recommendations from all the jobs you have held, it is enough to include those of the positions with special characteristics or that have meant a significant work experience and where your skills can be highlighted.

Remember to edit the interests section

It is important that there are no gaps in your Linkedin profile. Being on such a platform to promote your professional services requires that you take care to show the best information in the most optimal way possible. And blank spaces do not help your professional image.
The interests section is usually one of the few updated. Review it, think about it and write professional content that points to what your areas of professional interest are. The content generated here can help you make connections with related areas, which allows you to broaden your professional field.

Professional experience: Special guest

We have already talked about the importance of highlighting and detailing the work experience obtained within the Linkedin platform. Remember to post a brief description of the duties, job specifications and achievements obtained during your tenure. You can also highlight the experiences you have had with high-profile colleagues.

Respecting the forms

The right thing to do is to write well. It is important that you take care of the writing, grammar and spelling in all the content published in your social networks. This optimally qualifies your professional profile and shows your interest in doing your tasks effectively.

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