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The perfect photo for your LinkedIn profile

How should we project ourselves in the LinkedIn profile? We tell you in this post.

Credibility and trust are qualities that play a leading role when choosing the services of a lawyer. Being a trained, capable and honest professional is the essence of radiating these characteristics. However, in addition to possessing them, it is also necessary to know how to show them. And in this process everything communicates, even the picture you choose for your social networks profile.

Being Linkedin the professional digital network which has managed to link more than 360 million colleagues, employers and employees around the world, the image selected to identify you in your profile is a letter of introduction to the digital world.

The space for the image is one of the first to be displayed when accessing the Linkedin profile. This makes it possible to immediately recognize its owner. The photograph humanizes the profile. It makes you look more accessible and for this reason, it must offer the information we want to show.

What should the Linkedin profile picture reflect?

The image allows you to recognize the physical form and appearance of the contact. If you do not know the person, their profile picture gives you the opportunity to identify them when you meet them in person or on other digital platforms.

In case they know you personally and do not remember your name (this happens frequently) they can locate you by your photograph. As long as it is the right one, that is to say, it has the necessary quality and shows your face without distortions.

Undoubtedly, selecting a good image will help you create the right impression and increase the number of people who visit your LinkedIn profile, since showing your picture generates trust and closeness, values necessary to build a lawyer's credibility.

Choose the best photograph

Follow these recommendations when selecting the photograph and get the best results:

  1. The image must be of good photographic qualityThe image must meet the criteria of illumination, balance and sharpness. A pixelated photograph does not contribute to generate the image you want.
  2. If possible, hire the services of a professional photographer. who with specialized equipment will know how to get the most out of your image. If this is not possible, you can produce your photograph with the help of a friend or family member who knows how to use a camera. For the Linkedin profile, avoid taking a "selfie" or selfie, which will detract from your professionalism.
  3. Your full face must appear in the photo box.your neck and part of your shoulders. In a close-up or full body shot, the image of your face may appear smaller and it will be more difficult for the user to recognize you.
  4. Look to observe the camera lens when taking the picture.. This ensures that your face can be fully appreciated. Smile friendly at the moment of the click.
  5. Use the appropriate attire in accordance with the professional profile of a lawyer.. Dressing up doesn't necessarily mean wearing a ball gown, but wearing clothes that cover your body completely and suit the image you want to present. Avoid prints that may distort in the photograph. Likewise, if you are going to use makeup, keep it simple and natural, without exaggerating with colors.

It takes care of all the details and also...

  1. It is important that only you appear in the photo.. The company of pets, family, friends and even colleagues should be reserved for other types of social networks where you want to show your personal experiences.
  2. Use a recent photo where you show yourself at the present moment. It is important to update it from time to time, especially if your physical appearance changes.
  3. Choose backgrounds that do not distract from your image. A neutral background will be the best choice for your professional profile.
  4. Avoid appearing in the photograph with objects or in recreational actions.. The important thing about this image is to generate trust and empathy with your colleagues and potential clients.

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