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How to boost your career as a lawyer right out of college

You have completed all the courses, done internships, had some experience to get started in the labor market, obtained your law degree. And now, what is the next step to enhance your skills and become an outstanding professional in the area?

Pursuing a successful career as a lawyer requires you to enhance some skills that are rarely explored in law schools. Languages, business acumen, marketing, leadership and communication skills are some of the tools that can guarantee you a career path with ample opportunities.

Lawyer: Landing to the labor market against impacts

Youth, eagerness to learn and "fresh" ideas are an attraction for law firms and companies that employ lawyers. Spending time on activities that develop your skills is a long-term investment and can be much easier to achieve as a recent graduate.

Identify your area of interest in the profession and research companies or law firms where they specialize in it. Send your resume and be well prepared for interviews. Here are some recommendations.

Explore new areas of work. Starting to gain work experience does not have to be restricted to conventional jobs as a lawyer in law firms. Many organizations, startups and emerging companies may request the services of a legal professional. For recent graduates, it is a good opportunity to accumulate experience.

In the event that he does not find employment as an attorney at this time you can opt for internships. It is valid to continue learning and be involved in the working world. Always keep a positive attitude towards learning and you will stand out from others.

Visualize the opportunities to take a legal English language course under the on-site or virtual modality. It is an excellent experience for those who have recently graduated from the university campus and, by studying abroad, it also offers the possibility of getting to know the international labor market in order to aspire to new jobs or collaborations with different colleagues.

Don't forget...

Participates in academic and professional events where you can contact colleagues and potential clients. In addition, these spaces allow you to be constantly updated in the labor market.

Obtain quality knowledge in the area of marketing and the digital world is a short, medium and long term gain for any professional. The change imposed by the digital platform in labor relations implies specialized training. Here are some tips on how to use digital marketing to your advantage.

Offer your services as a volunteer lawyer in cases that raise your awareness. In these experiences you give back to your community and make yourself known as a professional. It will always be rewarding as a human being.

If none of these options is knocking on your door when you graduate as a lawyer...

You can choose to pursue higher education to continue specializing. Knowledge is always welcome in your experience and starting a postgraduate or master's degree at this stage prepares you for new challenges, without losing the momentum of academic discipline. The important thing is that you do not forget to get, at the same time, some opportunity to start building your professional experience.

In the professional path always opens new doors. The path of all professionals is different and is related to the capabilities and experiences that each one wishes to live. Welcome, you decide!

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