Regulation of the Venezuelan Legal System of the Crime of Cyberbullying of Children and Adolescents in the Venezuelan Criminal Legislation.

On the crime of cyberbullying in Venezuela.

"Harassment is established in the Organic Law on Women's Right to a Life Free of Violence (LODMVLLV), Article 15 indicates that harassment is a form of abuse, which is consequently expressed as an intentional crime in which the subject executes acts with the purpose of undermining the emotional stability, dignity or physical or psychological integrity of a woman. Harassment is considered a crime in which violence is used to the detriment of the vulnerable passive subject, which is why it is commonly applied to minors.

Due to the evolution and transformation of the different means of communication, it is common to observe that more and more people are adapting to modernity by taking advantage of the opportunities for employment, communication or entertainment. However, the expansion of social networks has generated greater possibilities for freedom of expression, however, it represents a risk to the right of physical, psychological and moral integrity of people because there are disadvantages in terms of respect for privacy. For harassers, it allows perpetrating the crime of harassment against children and adolescents."

In the following document we offer a detailed analysis of the Venezuelan legal system's regulation of the crime of cyberbullying of children and adolescents.