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The ethical path of the Venezuelan lawyer. General considerations

Every profession generates useful knowledge to solve different kinds of problems. Achieving this requires not only the appropriation of formal knowledge. It also requires a deep understanding of the ethical principles that govern the exercise of professional performance.

Professional morale shows the path to be followed by any person trained in a given area.. To give legal and ethical compliance to its action in working life. The study of the moral duties of a professional is called deontology.

Undoubtedly, in all professions, integrity and ethics are fundamental pillars for the proper practice of the profession.. However, in law these values have a special weight, if we take into account that the lawyer is in charge of defending and administering justice.

Legal deontology rescues the knowledge necessary to be a lawyer. and all the skills related to it. As the main moral obligation in this university career. This is equivalent to possessing the tools to understand the laws, jurisprudence and court practice.

Generally speaking, a lawyer during a trial must follow certain rules that must be observed. also denotes professionalism in their performance. Among them, the mastery of the topic to be discussed, the presentation of the arguments according to what was established, the respect for the colleagues present and witnesses, the correct use of language in their interventions and the punctuality in their presentation stand out.

Although there are codes of conduct governing the general conduct of these professionalsEach country has the power to establish its own manual of ethics, adjusted to the nature of the legal practice in its territory.

Morality and action in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the Lawyer's Code of Professional Ethics Venezuelan law is mandatory for all those who have the academic capabilities to practice the profession.

Article two of the aforementioned code establishes that "the lawyer shall have as a north of his acts to serve justice, to ensure freedom and the ministry of law. The lawyer who knows of any fact that violates the prohibitions of this Code, has the duty to immediately inform the Bar Association to which the offender is registered.".

Probity, honesty, discretion, efficiency, disinterestedness, truthfulness and loyalty are fundamental requirements for professional performance. Likewise, it is provided that the lawyer must maintain his independence in his work by not accepting any suggestion from his client or sponsored party to harm his integrity and professional dignity.

In article nine, the manual specifies that it is relevant for the legal action that the professional maintains confidentiality. in the cases handled. Avoiding exposure to the media to provide information on the matters entrusted to it. Or evidencing pieces of the file that have not yet been sentenced. Article 25 reinforces the strict observance of professional secrecy, also extending to their files and papers even when the lawyer has ceased to provide services to the defendant.

Entering into arrangements with the counterparty behind the sponsored party's back is considered disloyalty. serious infringement of the practice. In case of relations with the other party, the lawyer shall notify his defendant, as provided for in Article 33 of the Code of Ethics.

Another moral requirement for the Venezuelan lawyer lies in the collaboration

And unrestricted support to justice in the exercise of its work.. This includes the contribution with colleagues if necessary.

Legal ethics recommends lawyers not to provide their services to illicit causes.The company is also advised to stipulate a fair and correct cost for its services that does not harm the client. It is also advisable to stipulate a fair and correct cost for your services that does not harm the client.

When fulfilling your obligations it is important to be diligent and efficient.. For delays in the proceedings will be detrimental to the sponsored party. Above all, the legal practice requires the study, verification and correct analysis of cases, evidence and arguments.

The codes of ethics establish a correct model of action in accordance with the principles of justice.. From Alan Aldana & Associates We support the mandatory compliance with each of the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the Venezuelan Lawyer, guaranteeing efficiency, honesty and propriety in the administration of justice.

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