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Time management in law firms [PDF document].

"If I want something to happen I must assign it a date and a duration."
Chinese proverb

Making every minute of time efficient requires concentration and planning. to optimize its use. When working in a law firm, time has a special value, so using it in the most productive way guarantees a better performance that will translate into multiple benefits not only for the firm, but also for the clients.

Changes in the professional sphere and in all spheres of life are driving profound transformations, even in the way time is managed.

To address any constraints that prevent the efficient use of this finite resourceIn order to achieve this, it is necessary to stay focused on the objectives and goals to be achieved. Only in this way will it be easier to prioritize in the face of a long list of pending matters in a law firm.

Time management: the urgent or the important?

The urgent and the important require the attention of professionals.. However, the priorities and interests of the firm are often the ones who set the tone when it comes to deciding which issues need to be resolved with the greatest urgency. It is therefore essential that the lines to be followed are completely clear to the staff.

Start with the most complex tasks and keep a detailed list of all pending tasks. are techniques that work when organizing all the tasks. Likewise, it is important to set a deadline for each task, as this is the only way to accomplish it efficiently and to monitor the process in order to detect any inconvenience.

It is advisable to group the pending tasks by similar topics.This will facilitate their resolution and the delivery times will be shorter. It is also advisable to delegate tasks in case it is not possible to accomplish all of them within the established deadlines or if the support of a colleague's expertise is required. It is always better to act as soon as possible when delegating functions.

In order to transform the reality of time in the work of a law firm, it is important to follow some recommendations. In the following downloadable documentWe have compiled some of them with the intention of making time more than an ephemeral instant.

PDF Document Time Management in Law Firms