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Email marketing brings lawyers closer to their clients

Technology offers a range of possibilities to optimize processes and improve communications. Using them to offer a better service will always be a good option. Being a lawyer, email marketing can be a tool to build real bridges with clients, as long as it is well used.

Despite the time it has been in the market, email marketing is still popular. According to a study conducted by eMarketer 80% of the professionals surveyed said that email was the best channel for attracting and retaining customers. As a direct means of communication with the individual, it is a medium with a high return on investment in digital marketing.

Email marketing refers to all types of communication done through email. To establish a link with a customer or potential customer. They can be personal, newsletter, promotional and transactional, depending on the objective to be achieved. Regardless of their nature, they must contain a clear, direct communication, linked to the professional objectives of the person offering them.

To achieve an efficient use of this resource. It is essential to design a strategy aligned with the interests of the legal professional or law firm. Defining the plan allows you to determine what type of content to share, when and how often. Sending useful information that provides value to clients or potential clients will translate into loyalty and trust.

Taking into account that credibility and trust are fundamental for act as an attorney at lawIn addition, everything that is generated to promote these services must also comply with these two qualities. Email marketing can work as a tool for the client to learn more about the work of the lawyer he/she wishes to hire.

Before generating the content to be sent, the relevance, timeliness and value of the content must be evaluated. it will provide to the recipient. Advice on how to resolve simple legal procedures that any citizen may face is useful information to send via e-mail.

Here are some recommendations to generate this valuable content:

    • Information should be straight to the point. Whoever reads it should be clear about what type of content they are receiving and what the intentions of the content are.
    • At the end of reading, the customer or potential customer will must have obtained knowledge that can help him/her to solve some problem of his/her daily life. This is undoubtedly the best form of service promotion that can be done.
    • Develop an agenda of topics of interest to your target audience.. Planning what you are going to write about contributes significantly to generating content that is more in line with your objectives.
    • Take care of the details of the publication. The writing must be formally impeccable and the photographs or audiovisual resources used must be aimed at the initial objective. Everything communicates.
    • Personalize your campaigns in case you want to share some particular content with some contacts from your subscriber list.
    • Surprise your readers with fresh content and attractive. These actions will continue to build a strong relationship.
    • Include in the signature your datayour website and your social networks if you have them.

Email marketing: Building the contact list

Once the strategy approach for creating valuable content is clearIf you have a list of contacts that will receive all this information, you should focus your efforts on building a list of contacts that will receive all this information. Some people or companies decide to pay to get email lists. But this is not usually the best option. It is an unethical strategy to access a person's email without their authorization.

Receiving an unauthorized e-mail automatically generates a contraction. And a negative consequence on the professional image of the person sending the information. The best thing to do is to gradually build a list of contacts where potential clients are reflected and where they have agreed to receive the emails.

For this purpose, a form can be included in the personal web page. or law firm with the intention that those who wish to receive the mailings can subscribe. Social networks or attendance at professional events can also be used to find new subscribers. Specialists in the area consider it more beneficial to have small lists but with loyal users.

Adopting the best tools

Once the strategy to be followed has been defined, it is necessary to find the best tools to achieve this. The most commonly used is Mailchimp. It is user-friendly and offers a free service up to 2,000 email subscribers. Another of the most popular is Hubspot, which has several free features.

Note that sending emails from a personal account is not email marketing.. And there is an important explanation for this: the emails could fall into the spam folder and not fulfill their real mission. Using one of the platforms intended for this purpose prevents this from happening.

Several software options are available to send mass email marketing campaigns and all of them fulfill their function. The important thing is to choose the most suitable for your professional interests and possibilities.

Using these platforms also allows you to analyze the metrics and reach of your shipment. of the communications. In general, they provide statistics on how many people have received the email, how many have read it and who have clicked on any of the links in the publication. They also generate information on the geographical distribution of readers, their behavior as users of the mailing list and when they stop subscribing to your email marketing list.

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