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The 7 most read texts of the Legal Blog

In 2017, through this digital space, we focused on offering quality information for the professional performance as a lawyer, especially to those who are starting to enter the Venezuelan labor market.

In this professional sharing, we put in the hands of our readers valuable data and information to navigate the transformations arising at every moment in the labor path, taking into account the unstoppable advance of new technologies and the emergence of various global factors.

It was precisely the topics related to the transformations in law firms due to digital technologies, the optimization of resources in law firms, cybersecurity and digital marketing to position oneself as a professional that were the most read in our Legal Blog during 2017.

Here is a list of the 7 most popular posts on our legal blog:

1. Transformation in law firms: a challenge in the digital era.

Changes in the business model, in the organizational structure of law firms and in the traditional profile of the lawyer are part of the transformations brought about by technological innovation. In order to be able to manage these changes, it is necessary to have trained personnel to do so. Here are some of the skills required to achieve this.

2. Brexit: a new opportunity for lawyers.

Defining the new legal instruments that will govern the United Kingdom's commercial actions with other countries after its exit from the European Union represents an employment opportunity and new professional challenges for lawyers in several countries.

3. Time management in law firms.

Time has a special value in the work of legal professionals, since its efficient use will depend to a great extent on the legal achievements. Here are some ways to manage this finite resource properly.

4. The ethical path of the Venezuelan lawyer.

Undoubtedly, in all professions, integrity and ethics are fundamental pillars for the proper practice of law. In law these values have a special relevance, if we take into account that the lawyer is in charge of defending and administering justice.

Legal deontology rescues the knowledge necessary to be a lawyer and all the skills related to it. In general terms, a lawyer during a trial must follow some rules whose compliance also denotes professionalism in his performance. The mastery of the subject matter, the presentation of arguments in accordance with what has been established, respect for the colleagues present and witnesses, the correct use of language in the interventions and punctuality when presenting oneself are some of these rules.

5. Building a good network broadens your action as a lawyer.

The growth of the virtual world has made services and professional practice migrate to this space. Adapting to this technology and creating a professional network is a way to remain active professionally, despite the changes in business models.

6. Cybersecurity: safeguarding law firms in the digital age.

The information handled in these spaces, even if it is a small law firm, has a great value and is considered confidential data. Protecting it from any digital attack is a necessity.

7. Marketing strategies to position yourself as a lawyer.

In addition to having an excellent academic background and adding quality experiences to their résumé, today's professionals must make these qualities visible through digital marketing. Here we remind you of some of the most recommended tools to achieve this.

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